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Renew your accessory collection or start one with this watch! It looks stunning and mesmerizing on any wrist, and it will complement any look. Affordable and still luxuriously looking.
Faux diamond watch
Your wrist will be just as cold
Versatile and balanced
Even though it is flashy, the black color compensates for the shine. You can look at 12 and 24-hour dials and even know the precise seconds!
Made from great materials
Faux diamonds are almost identical to the authentic ones, yet, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Zinc alloy is corrosion-resistant and very durable.
100% safety for the wearer
The product was created with care and deliberation. It does not endanger the user or the environment in any way. It's simple and safe to use!
Product specifications
Strap length: 7.87’’ Strap width: 0.78’’ Dial diameter: 0.98’’ Case thickness: 0.39’’ Case diameter: 1.45’’ Find the best adjustment easily!
Luxury experience without the luxury price
This versatile watch is a perfect gift for a birthday, Father’s day, or maybe for a man who wants to pamper himself. The watch can elevate any look, and it won’t look tacky at all. Black color is a big save because it can go with any other color.
  • I didn’t expect much from this watch. It was a gift for my son. It was very inexpensive so I expected a cheap and knock off version. When I opened the package I was very surprised. The “diamonds” are all in place and shine bright. The watch works great. Very happy with this purchase!

    R****n on Aug 27, 2022

  • I am very pleased. It not only meets my expectations from afar but it is also a really nice looking watch from the close up as well. Of course it does what it says....tells time 😂. I would recommend!

    K***e on Apr 13, 2022

  • Freaking awesome watch, super shiny. Also has a very nice large face, wasn't even planning on getting a watch but i saw the reviews and i bought it. Now I'm saying go ahead and get it.

    S****n on Jun 23, 2022

  • This watch really shines! I brought it for my 13 year old and he loves it! I will have to get it sized down a bit so it'll fit him properly. Overall I would buy again and I recommend it to others!

    N***n on Apr 05, 2022

  • Absolutely stunning and looks way more expensive than what it is. It looks absolutely beautiful in daylight and under normal light. The face is big as a man’s watch should be.

    K***s on Jul 29, 2022

  • It definitely looks and feels a lot better than I thought it would. I wasn't expecting much given the price I paid for it, but I am definitely satisfied.

    A***s on Apr 10, 2022

  • This watch is worth every penny!! It’s not too heavy but the perfect weight doesn’t feel cheap at all. It also shines in the night with little light.

    A****w on Jul 01, 2022

  • On 🔥 🔥!!! 😁 Beautiful!! Keeps good time!! Makes for an amazing surprise gift for any occasion for ppl that like to floss! Winner! 🔥

    S**a on Jun 22, 2022

  • Beautiful bling in a watch! Gentleman cashier at the grocery checkout thought it was a Rolex....no joking!

    J***y on Jun 13, 2022

  • Really NICE & looks real. This lady at a high scale pawn shop guessed that it cost $1,000!!!!

    T***a on Mar 17, 2022

  • Purchased this for my husband and I would definitely purchase again he loves this watch

    A***b on Apr 15, 2022

  • It looks really nice and shines great. Fits a little big but easily adjusted if taken to a jeweler.

    C***s on Jul 06, 2022

  • Absolutely beautiful watches in every way from the color to the bling and I love it.

    K****r on Apr 04, 2022

  • I just got mine in the mail and I like it. It’s so pretty and doesn’t feel cheap.

    R*****e on Apr 12, 2022

  • My son adores this watch. He loves that solid black color. Thank you

    T****b on Apr 11, 2022

  • This watch is very shiny🤑🤑 If you buy it you're not gonna regret

    R****m on May 22, 2022

  • It's a nice piece.. It stands out alot.. It's what I was looking for

    C****n on Jul 02, 2022

  • The face looks really nice but the rest of it is MEH.

    K***y on Jul 20, 2022

  • Very nice l wore it and got so many compliments

    J***e on Aug 30, 2022

  • Surprisingly very nice, great value for money

    S*****t on Mar 31, 2022

  • Excellent purchase and quality for the price.

    V****n on Sep 01, 2022

  • Cute watch for the price. Thanks.

    J**f on Apr 02, 2022

  • Fell off my wrist while driving!

    P****l on Jul 22, 2022

  • Very nice looking.

    C*****n on May 19, 2022