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Powered by nature’s light
There’s a way to bring beautiful, multicolor light into your garden room or sunroom -- without the need for bulky lamps or wires. The LED lights of our Solar-Powered LED Wind Chimes hang from any ceiling and smoothly change through rainbow-esque colors, creating a mysterious atmosphere.
The lights come out. The sun goes down.
When the day goes dark, the LED orbs of this beautiful chime automatically turn on to illuminate your space (as long as the chime is fully charged).
Keep it on to shine on
The secret to lighting up our beautiful Solar-Powered LED Wind Chimes is sunlight. Yes, you get that for free -- and it’s all you need. One AA battery is required to power the actual lights, but you get that included with your order -- so all you have to do is turn the power switch to “on” and leave your chimes in direct sunlight to charge. That's it!
Up to eight hours of light
When fully charged, our chimes can provide enough light for an entire night of sleep!
A beauty of size
Our chime measures 5 x 5 x 27 (L x W x H) for an elegant, eye-catching display that is as decorative as it is functional.
Built to last and impress
Crafted meticulously from stainless steel and plastic, our beautiful orbital chimes are made to last for beautiful colorful light that brightens up your home night after night.
  • Cute solar chimes. I hang it by my window and use it as a night light. It goes on when it gets dark and stay on for about 3 hours. It is very relaxing watching it changing color when laying on bed.

    M***a on May 14, 2022

  • When I first took this out of the box I thought oh boy I don’t know about this but I went ahead and hung it up outside to charge. When nighttime came it started to light up and it is so neat. The colors gently change and none of them are muted they’re all really pretty colors schemes. I am so happy with it

    D***s on Jul 07, 2022

  • I like that the spheres are white and neutral in the daytime, and then come alive with mesmerizing rotating color at night. It is very soothing to sit and watch the colors shift and change and it doesn't seem to be a certain pattern, so it's fun to watch for a long time! I have not timed it but the color power seems to last a long time -- I always fall asleep before it is done, anyway, so several hours. Recommended!

    S***h on Jul 12, 2022

  • We liked this solar power ball so much, we immediately started sending them as gifts. The colors are deep, but not too bright, and transition smoothly. They balls don't get locked into a pattern or flash, so it is very relaxing to watch or have in the background. We have had them all summer, and they are still going strong!

    B***s on Jun 26, 2022

  • Super light easy to hang. Im obsessed with it. So cute. And it changjng colors. It is so beautiful at night.

    M**y on Apr 04, 2022

  • I bought this as a gift. It is really pretty and the colors are warm and happy. I did read the size but still for some reason I expected it to be larger. Its actually pretty smal.for my taste. But again it's very pretty and makes me smile. My friend likes it so I can quite happily reco ed this product for yourself or as a gift.

    T***y on May 20, 2022

  • We have these hanging at our campground site. We have had two sets of people stop and ask us where they can buy them as they watched them at night with some fascination. We have had many high winds lately which have not affected these lights which are hanging on a shepherds hook. We would buy these as a gift for someone.

    A***n on May 20, 2022

  • I’ve bought 2 of these now because I loved the first one I bought and it’s doing well through the weather. It’s beautiful at night and fun to gaze at as it changes colors. Not your typical solar light, but I love it! It would be a nice gift for a friend.

    J***a on May 31, 2022

  • Absolutely mesmerizing!!! I can’t recommend this product enough. I hang it outside during the day to charge and bring it in at night so I can enjoy it even more. The lights easily keep going all night. They change colors in a random manner that is fascinating and very soothing to watch. Love these lights so much!

    K***n on Aug 12, 2022

  • This is so Beautiful! If you live in a Garden unit like me note that in order for it to charge, direct sunlight needs to hit the top of the solar patch. I put mine in my car in the day so that it’s charged by night since the sunlight doesn’t hit right to charge it in-house. Outside of that, the photos don’t do it justice, the colors are so beautiful!!

    E***h on Apr 29, 2022

  • Love this crystal ball outdoor decoration, though they are not chimes. Much smaller than they appear in photos; we like the actual size better.

    M***l on Jul 24, 2022

  • I like them because they are very bright. They are not at very loud for a wind chime

    D***y on Apr 07, 2022

  • I love these. Truly. My only complaint is they MUST be in direct sunlight for most of the day to work. Unfortunately my patio is shaded most of the day so I have to take them down and move to a table to charge sufficiently - so keep this is mind!

    L***s on May 25, 2022

  • All I can say is Wow! These lights are so bright! I took the dog for a walk and as I came near the house, there they were glowing like the sun. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what is going on over there last night. I quickly ordered 2 more this morning. I will put these high up in our trees

    H***a on Mar 08, 2022

  • Looks just his picture charges up well during the day and has rainbow lights at night. I didn't realize there was an on and off button so I thought it was broken at first so don't forget there is a switch. Can't speak to the longevity yet but highly satisfied with this purchase!

    S***y on Apr 08, 2022

  • It's very beautiful at night and I bought two of them. However, I gave the product 4 stars because I have to change the battery every 3 to 4 days. I've charged it for 12 hours and the lights still dim. Other than that, it's a beautiful product.

    A***t on Mar 18, 2022

  • This is hanging in my backyard. It is beautiful! My 6 year old enjoys the colorful balls. It does change colors. It has on/off button. it's a bit pricey though but chose this one because of the positive reviews. I am glad i got it! so do not hesitate:)

    U***s on May 17, 2022

  • Worked on first day after only couple hours of charge (which was in the evening). Full sun light charge gives the best lighting display through the night.

    L***p on Jun 17, 2022

  • I absolutely adore these little birds, sometimes i just open the front door to look at them lol I only got these for their look and omg they make me so so happy!!! They're absolutely mesmerizing. Amazon is at my house everyday and this is by far my favorite purchase

    K***e on Aug 26, 2022

  • I love them. They are great for my new backyard.

    M***a on May 19, 2022

  • I love how they change color, and they worked right out of the box! Little pricey, but they are fun to watch

    S***a on Mar 17, 2022

  • After 2 whole days in direct sunlight, these white globes had not changed colors! My young caretaker made sure the solar switch was on. After a few more days, the globes started glowing different colors at night, delighting the neighborhood chidren. I'm glad I didn't return them before giving them a chance.

    J***y on Mar 12, 2022

  • Pretty good product. Doesn't last as long on solar power

    H***y on Aug 20, 2022

  • Adds a cute little pop of changing colors that brightens the night.

    G***a on May 27, 2022

  • I love this and I will probably order another one. Has held up through wind storms. Beautiful!

    B***d on May 31, 2022

  • This product does exactly what it claims to do. Very pretty color changing lights.

    D**k on Jun 03, 2022

  • It works well and the colors are very nice.

    D***h on Aug 14, 2022

  • Awesome looking. Gave as a gift to sister. I want some for myself now.

    M***y on Aug 03, 2022

  • I like the changing colors of each of the orbs. I like that it is durable and weatherproof, though I do plan to bring it inside for the nearing Northeastern winter. It was a great value for the money. The only thing is that occasionally, it will not be as bright as it usually is. Fortunately, that does not happen often. I really do love it. I may even get another for the backyard next year!

    T***r on Jul 30, 2022

  • try not to get them entangled

    E***y on Jul 02, 2022

  • Love this, very pretty at night. Lights up well. Does tangle easily though if not in a sturdy place

    E***n on Jun 14, 2022

  • This is really beautiful. At night when it glows it adds beauty to my house. Last night a man walking with his dog complimented this. And we felt very happy. Must buy. Highly recommend this product.

    M***n on Jul 25, 2022

  • It was already glowing in the box! Can’t wait to see what it looks like after a full day of light charging. Love this!

    B***d on Mar 22, 2022

  • Excellent product fast shipping

    Z***g on Aug 10, 2022

  • Very durable product.colorful light to change to many modes , great lighting features.

    L***v on Aug 21, 2022

  • It is really pretty, bright and I love the color changing!!! Ignore the reflection of my lamp. It is very nice. I love it!!

    P***b on Aug 17, 2022

  • Very cute balls, I love them. They made the backyard fun looking.

    S***v on Mar 27, 2022

  • I liked these so much I ordered the butterflies as well so I can have one in the front yard and one in the back. Love these so much!

    W***g on Mar 15, 2022

  • Definitely worth it for the price. It’s beautiful at night. Get one, you won’t regret it!!!

    E***h on Aug 30, 2022

  • This was a gift for my dad. He loves solar decor. These are so beautiful and bright! I want one for my home!

    E***g on Apr 17, 2022